Body Aspect - Shape Capture Technology

Our unique body image software -
as seen on TV

Body image has become a feature of modern life and image-related conditions are on the rise. Addressing self perception is an important first step towards achieving long-lasting image change.

Body image disorders are growing. The causes are complex, but for professionals who treat people with body image disorders, our 3D image assessment tool can help to quantify body image distortion and dissatisfaction.  Our technology has featured in several TV programmes as a way to help people gain an appreciation of actual body size in relation to a false perception.  It was used by Gok Wan in his TV series How to Look Good Naked, in the Channel 4 documentary The Insider, and also in Tanya Byron’s BBC documentary Am I Normal.

Our software can be used to help people overcome loss of confidence and mental discomfort brought about by incorrect perceptions of their weight.  Reassurances from friends or partners are often ineffective, but through an impartial assessment of body shape and size, changes in attitude can sometimes be achieved.

To discuss how this technology can be used for commercial and research opportunities please contact us by clicking here.


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