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Innovate UK co-funded project: Development of a 3D image assessment tool for weight management

August 14, 2018

The project focused on the development of a 3D image assessment tool for weight management. The company had already produced prototype software which had been user-tested in a gym environment. This project involved three work packages: Improving the speed and functionality of the software; Creating an image portal that enables customers to view their 3D images on their mobile devices; and obtaining 3D body scan data corresponding to overweight men and women. The project was successfully completed in August 2018 and has led to unique software that will be used as a core tool within a new weight management service that will be launched in 2019.

Innovate UK co-funded project: Market research for a 3D body image assessment tool

December 14, 2016

Following a presentation at the 2014 EDIC International Eating Disorders Conference, Body Aspect received a great deal of interest from experts in the field. Body Aspect then secured support from Innovate UK to explore the wider opportunities for a 3D body image assessment tool. The new project involved gym members at Nottingham’s Nuffield Health and Xercise4Less using Body Aspect’s technology to compare self-perceptions with the reality of their body scans. Participants found the project to be a good source of motivation, and the 3D imaging was useful in both bodily-awareness and goal creation.

ASBCI – Fashion Impossible and Making it in the UK: Ready or Not?

March 9, 2014

At Body Aspect we like to keep up to date with new developments in the fashion industry, so we attend ASBCI events whenever we can. We attended their ‘Fashion Impossible’ conference in Leeds in October 2013 where the main theme was ‘What do consumers really want?’ We also attended their ‘Making it in the UK– Ready or Not?’ conference in Leicestershire in February 2014. We were also pleased to be present at the organisation’s AGM in March 2014. At this event it was reported that a survey has shown that the most popular topic amongst ASBCI members continues to be sizing and fit. This is an area where 3D body scanning can complement traditional skills to achieve the best design and fit for garments. Getting fit right is essential to minimise the number of customer returns and to retain customer loyalty. Some forward thinking companies are already using the technology but others have not exploited its full potential.

EDIC International Eating Disorders Conference 2014

February 21, 2014

In March this year Body Aspect’s Samantha Tema was invited to present at the International Eating Disorders Conference in London. This was a great opportunity for Body Aspect to showcase the unique body image software which was used on Gok Wan’s ‘How to Look Good Naked’ and several documentaries on body image such as BBC’s ‘Am I Normal’ and ‘The Insider’ documentary series. We really want to build on the positive results achieved in the TV programmes as we believe the software could enhance therapeutic work with eating disorders patients around body image issues. Sam’s presentation at the conference attracted a great deal of interest from clinicians working in this field. As a result, we are currently looking at working in partnership with clinicians and patients to develop the software as part of a body image package which we hope will prove to be a useful tool in the treatment of eating disorders. Look out for updates on this exciting new project.

Sheffield welcomes Body Aspect

November 30, 2013

Also in November 2013, Body Aspect’s Graham Hutton gave a lunchtime seminar presentation about our Breast Assessment Service to medics at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. This was very well received and many of the medics present demonstrated interest in the use of 3D body scanning for breast assessment. They seemed a little perplexed that their own Clinical Commissioning Group was not using the service! Afterwards, staff from the hospital proudly showed us their new 3D printer. It’s good to see that 3D technology is being embraced by those who are forward thinking and see its potential in improving services to patients.

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