Body Aspect - Shape Capture Technology

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NHS Breast Assessment -
a new pathway

Body Aspect’s breast assessment service enables CCG commissioners to objectively assess patient eligibility for elective breast reduction and asymmetry correction.


  Patient assessment for NHS-funded elective surgery has often been time consuming, subjective and unsatisfactory for the patient.   We worked with NHS organisations to put together objective criteria that would provide scientific justification for decisions and improve patient experiences.  This led to the Modernisation Agency publishing the improved criteria within their guidelines.

We use 3D body scanning technology to accurately capture and assess breast size in relation to torso, and compute differences in breast volume and shape.  We have scanned over three thousand NHS patients, resulting in a very good level of satisfaction amongst commissioners and patients alike.  As a result of the new pathway equity of access for patients is assured, inappropriate referrals are eliminated and the length of the pathway is decreased.

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