Body Aspect - Shape Capture Technology

Pioneers in Body Shape Analysis

We have worked with the UK's leading retailers in over fiften sizing surveys, scanning more than twenty thousand men and women. The aim of these surveys has been to better understand the size and shape of people in the UK.


Body shape analysis
Our technology can quantify and classify body shape and regions of the body derived from 3D scanning. This provides a new perspective on the dimensions of a body and how shape changes with parameters such as height, age and size.


Body Measurement
You can collect a comprehensive set of body length and girth measurements using 3D scanning technology in conjunction with traditional measuring techniques.  Create size charts that better reflect your target customer base and perform expert analysis to solve specific fit issues.


We can use our technology to analyse posture.  This can include quantifying side profile prominences, assessing shoulder positioning and quantifying body asymmetry.


For more information about how Body Aspect can help you with sizing surveys please contact us by clicking here.


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