Body Aspect - Shape Capture Technology

Body Aspect's new 3D weight management service

For individuals and professionals

Body Imaging for Individuals

We offer a welcoming service to help you achieve and maintain your weight management goals.   Our innovative approach helps motivate you to follow your goals through to completion, and provides a toolkit for sustaining your achievements. As one person said:

The scan has been a great motivator. I feel drummed up to focus on my weight loss programme..”

Body Imaging for Professionals

Our services have a diverse range of professional applications. We can help your clients to find motivation, track progress and achieve a genuine understanding of their size and shape. The resources and expertise we offer can enhance programmes offered by professionals ranging from nutritionists to hypnotherapists and beyond.  As TV producer Gemma Binch said:

“The Body Aspect scans really shocked our slimmers into action. Seeing their 3D images made them acutely aware of how they actually looked to other people – it was a real inspiration and motivating force.”

Holistic Approach

We offer a comprehensive programme of support. This includes our unique assessment tool which will help you to make sustainable changes. Customers are guided through this process by a combination of face-to-face and remote coaching and support.

For more information about how Body Aspect can help to motivate you or your clients to start and stay with healthy weight programmes please contact us by clicking here.

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