Body Aspect - Shape Capture Technology

Helping to tackle obesity in the 21st century - Body Aspect's unique 3D technology

Our image assessment tools can help motivate clients to change. As seen on TV's 'Slim to Win'

Face the facts
A 3D body scan will reveal a person’s true size and shape, enabling them to see themselves as they really are.  The impact can be quite striking as the result is accepted as fact.  Our unique body image assessment technology can compare a person’s self perception against reality, and quantify the extent of the difference.  As Rosemary Conley said:
I think the slimmers were mostly surprised at how big they were. It was a bit of shock.”

Motivate change
To provide further motivation, our technology can be used to visualise the predicted results of a weight management programme.  As Nikki Moore from the ITV show said:
“Seeing the image of what I could look like in 6 to 12 months time was very motivating. It really brought home the reality of what it would be like for me to lose weight and look great.”

Demonstrate progress towards slimming goals
Once slimmers embark on a weight-management programme,  our technology allows them to both visualise and quantify the changes in size, shape and posture, thereby helping to keep them motivated.

For more information about how Body Aspect can help you to motivate your clients to start and stay with weight loss programmes necessary to conquer obesity please contact us by clicking here.

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